Your stay at a fairy tale cabin

Wake up to the song of birds in one of two whymsical cottages - a unique, enchanting place to stay.

These charming wooden cabin looks like it has just jumped from a story book - enchanted, rustic, whimsical - and surprise by offering modern comfort for up to three and a half guests.
It's like living in another world: a unique adventure for families with children, a calm and relaxing realm for nature lovers, individualists and couples. It starts when you're walking up the garden path towards the forest: you can feel your problems and daily routine staying behind and something new taking their place - an enchanting mixture of calmness and adventure.


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Gemütlich ist es drinnen - mit Schlafsofa und Sesseln 

Furnished with love . fairy tale books included! In the tea kitchen, there is a little fridge, a Nespresso coffee machine, a sink and cutlery.


A lovely view and a glass of Palatinate wine - enjoy a perfect day! The inside of the cabin: lots of hidden storage space.


Open the whymsical door with a key as if from another time. Enjoy breakfast on the porch - a highlight!


View over the park, the rose pavilion and Villa Waldfrieden. On the right side the view from the park to the fairy tale cabin "Gretel".


Tiny house living: Everything you need is there, but in minimum space. At daytime, the ladder to your sleeping nest ist packed away on the right. For climbing up, you move the ladder to the middle and hinge it securely.

You open the curved door with a key that looks as if from another time and find yourself in a comfortably furnished room with a table, a sleeping sofa and a tea kitchen with a modern coffee machine and a fridge. A ladder takes you to a spacious bed nook that comfortably sleeps three (for example two parents and a child). Unlike in a real fairy tale, this romantic cabin is equipped with heating, electric light, water and its own small bathroom with toilet and shower. The veranda invites you to spend mild summer evenings outside, with a breathtaking view over the medieval town of Annweiler and the forest and hills behind. The feeling of staying so close to nature - almost in the forest - is a unique experience. Knowing that the cabin is situated inside the property fencing and that you're safe from visiting animals lets you sleep calmly.

Spending your holidays in our fairy tale cabin means nature, relaxation, adventure and wonderful memories.

Frequent questions

What do you provide and what do we have to bring along?

The cabins are equipped like a hotel room which means that the beds are made, there are soap and towels (and of course also toilet paper) in the bathroom. There is not typically a hairdryer in the bathroom, but we will provide one for you free of cost if you ask for it. The kitchen is equipped with a small fridge and Nespresso coffee maker - including coffee (ask for coffein-free coffee if you need them). There is tableware and cutlery for you to use, and a sink (including washing-up liquid and a tea towel) to clean them. The kitchen is not equipped for cooking, but you can prepare cold food like a salad. (We offer dinner at the hotel and can also prepare a packed lunch for your day trip - just ask.) The tap water is of excellent drinking quality. The bottle of mineral water and the small bottle of good Palatinate white wine from one of our favourite vineyards that you will find in the fridge are on the house. 

Are there Wifi, TV, DVDs?

No to all three of them.There is wifi at Villa Waldfrieden that reaches up to the pavillon in the Villa garden (see pictures). Please feel free to use the pavillon as a romantic hotspot. You are also welcome to sit in the breakfast room of Villa Waldfrieden to use free internet. There is no TV in the cabin, but books with fairy tales for children and adults.

Are the cabins comfortable in winter?

Yes! The cabins are equipped with two infrared heaters which are more than enough for their size. We had provided our guests with an additional radiant heater in winter, but it was never needed.

Can we bring our dog?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome as we love pets too and fully understand that you would like to bring your furry friend along to this adventure. There is an extra cleaning fee of 10 € per night, and we appreciate knowing in advance that you will bring you dog along.

Is breakfast included?

Yes, breakfast is included. You can either come to our hotel breakfast buffet at Kurhaus Trifels or Villa Waldfrieden or you can choose a breakfast basket that we prepare for you to collect at Villa Waldfrieden so you can have breakfast on your porch.

Do you have any other questions? Ask us by email!

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Check-In is at Kurhaus Trifels.
Minimum stay: two nights.

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